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Many cannabis industry enthusiasts and employees are hopeful that the cannabis industry will be able to sustain itself in Chicago, Illinois. Some see this as the beginning of the end for the cannabis industry, but others think that it may just be a phase and it might even grow bigger. Either way, it is great to know that there are various cannabis jobs in Chicago. Here are some examples.

Medical Marijuana Company This medical marijuana company in Chicago may soon have over 100 employees once the law changes. The main business unit is located in Chicago’s Meditability Healthcare District, which is near North Central College. This company may soon develop state of the art marijuana delivery systems for local clinics and hospitals. This could be very profitable for them and may also attract tourists to drop by for a visit or to purchase some marijuana products.

Weed Wackers If you love working with dirt and weed, then weed wackers could be a perfect job for you. The people who do this job get to help people who are in need of flower and herb wholesale weed. You get to pick which strains people prefer and then go sell those strains to various stores and restaurants.

graines auto cbd Flower Shop People who are interested in becoming freelance sales reps may want to consider going into the flower shop business. A sales job like this usually entails working with customers one on one and helping them understand how to use and maintain certain cannabis products like joints, capsules and edibles. As an added benefit, you may get to attend events and parties and help spread the word about your work.

Roof Cleaners and Gardeners You can also work as a roofer or a gardener in the cannabis industry in Chicago. Both of these positions require hard labor, but it is not always pleasant. Roofers have to climb up and down certain buildings and also carry heavy loads. On top of that, they have to handle dangerous materials and chemicals that are involved with the production of marijuana. Gardeners have to tend to their gardens and help weed and grow their plants. Both of these positions pay quite well and you can find a job almost anywhere in Chicago.

There are also other cannabis jobs that you can look up online. There are also jobs related to manufacturing cannabis. Manufacturers can create capsules, pipes, tampons and more to help consumers use cannabis in more convenient ways. They are also responsible for making sure products are properly displayed in retail establishments. Whatever position you decide to take on in the cannabis industry in Chicago, make sure you are ready for hard work and dedication.